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aluminum foil cap sheet

aluminum foil cap sheet

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In the market, there are more and more types of snack food products, and the demand for packaging materials has also increased, and according to people's needs, the packaging form has also been innovating. aluminum foil cap sheet is a kind of easy-to-tear cover film, which is a kind of easy-to-tear packaging material, and is widely used in the market today.
Aluminum foil is a food packaging material with good stability and packaging effect that fully conforms to the market consumption trend. As the choice of aluminum foil cap sheet, it can be used as a cover film packaging to achieve safety guards. The printing is beautiful and easy to tear. Therefore, aluminum foil is easy to tear. Materials are very popular among consumers and film suppliers. As a kind of composite packaging material, aluminum foil cap sheet can play the role of keeping fragrance, moisturizing, keeping fresh, avoiding light, preventing penetration and leakage, prolonging the shelf life of products, and making the products look beautiful and attract consumers.

aluminum foil cap sheet are not uncommon in daily life, and are often used in yogurt cup lid touch, yogurt sheet film, cosmetic cover film, or other food and daily necessities packaging. In addition to metal AL, PP, HDPE, PET, BOPA, CPP, etc., or materials with good heat sealing properties or high barrier properties are commonly used by cover film suppliers when producing aluminum foil easy-tear cover materials. The lid film supplier should consider the shelf life of the aluminum foil cap sheet packaging product, the heat seal strength between the lid film and the packaging cup, and the easy tear effect when selecting the material. This must ensure that the inner layer material of the aluminum foil cap sheet and the cup mouth are formed Interfacial adhesive strength, rather than complete penetration and fusion. Common structures of aluminum foil cap sheet produced by cover film suppliers are PET / AL / PE, PET / VMPET / PE, paper / PE / AL / PE, etc.

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