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aluminum easy peel off end lid top

aluminum easy peel off end lid top

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The aluminum easy peel off end lid top has a long application time and is the most widely used in the current beverage cans. The aluminum easy peel off end lid top has mature manufacturing technology, beautiful structure, good stacking performance, and reluctant to store, transport and display. However, the aluminum easy peel off end lid top will be thrown away by people after it is opened, causing environmental pollution and possibly hurting others. This is the weakness of the fully-tearable easy-opening lid. Aiming at this weakness of the fully-tearable easy-open lid, people have designed the non-full-tear easy-open lid, that is, the retention type easy-open lid.
The opening of the retaining type aluminum easy peel off end lid top does not fall off the lid when the pull ring is pulled up, but is pushed into the can. This structure avoids the problem of hurting people and polluting the environment by throwing the pull ring and the opening around. However, this structure also has big loopholes. Canned beverages are easily contaminated by bacterial dust when they are transported, displayed for sale, put in the refrigerator, and taken by consumers. In this way, after the opening part pushed into the can comes into contact with the contents, consumption Drinking hygiene cannot be guaranteed.
In addition, the pull tabs of the above two can lids are not very convenient to open. Consumers have a peaceful experience that when opening the easy-open lid pull tabs, the main force is the force of the finger lid. This design does not meet The user-friendly principle of user-friendliness, from an ergonomic point of view, the fingertips are the best when the flap is raised, and the fingertips require the end of the pull ring to have a snare contact.

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