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what is the usage of 5182 H19 aluminium coil

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what is the usage of 5182 H19 aluminium coil

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5182 H19 aluminium coil has comprehensive processing properties such as high strength, good plasticity, corrosion resistance, and excellent stamping performance. It is the best aluminum alloy material for manufacturing can lids and pull rings. According to relevant statistics, in 2021, the demand for aluminum alloy strips for pull rings in mainland China alone will be about 1.02-1.03 million tons. The demand for beverages in cans is gradually increasing, and the market prospect is broad. However, the cold-rolled strips for pull rings have higher requirements on the mechanical properties, dimensional tolerances, and shape of the materials, and high-grade pull ring products also have higher requirements on the surface quality.
Chemical composition of 5182 H19 aluminium coil
Aluminium (Al) balance
Zinc (Zn)≤0.25
Chromium (Cr)≤0.10
Silicon (Si)≤0.20
Iron (Fe) 0.000~0.350
Manganese (Mn) 0.20~0.50
Magnesium (Mg) 4.0 to 5.0
Titanium (Ti)≤0.10
Copper (Cu)≤0.15
What is the use of 5182 H19 aluminium coil?
5182 aluminium coil is the best aluminum alloy material for making can lids and pull tabs, and is widely used in beverages, food, industrial products and other packaging.

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