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Cap sheet

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Cap sheet

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Product Detail

The introduce of Cap sheet
Cap sheet is widely used in the packaging of products, because aluminum has good oxidation resistance, forming a dense oxide film on the surface of aluminum, which protects the physical properties of the product, sealing is good, to ensure that the product does not come into contact with the outside world. Therefore, it has a very wide range of uses. Brief introduction of several Cap sheet which are common in our daily life.
The specification of Cap sheet as below:
Thickness (mm): 0.012-0.5mm
Width (mm): 100-1600
Alloy: 1060,3104, 3105,5052, 5182,8011
State: H14, H16, H18, H19
The Cap sheet is one of the advantage products of Henan Signi alumininum . The company is equipped with super long cleaning line and domestic leading cutting machine to ensure that the surface of the product is clean and the ear rate is low. Our company's Cap sheet is widely used in the fields of wine, drink, medical cover, cosmetics etc, and sold to South Korea, North America, Southeast Asia, the United States and other more than 40 countries and regions.
The Application of Cap sheet
The main application fields of Cap sheet are: aluminum for cosmetic bottle caps, aluminum for easy-to-pull bottle caps, aluminum for wine caps, aluminum for medical bottle caps etc. In the production process of aluminum bottle cap material, there are very high requirements on the surface, shape and stamping performance of the material.

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