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Aluminum Pilfer Proof Cap sheets

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Aluminum Pilfer Proof Cap sheets

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Anti-theft bottle cap companies prefer aluminum, Zhang Liwen, an expert from the China Brewing Industry Association, told reporters that at present, most of the bottle caps for packaging bottles of liquor, wine, medicinal liquor and beverages in my country are made of aluminum. This is because wine and beverages that are mainly packaged in glass bottles are thermoformed, and the size of the bottle mouth has a large error. The use of Aluminum Pilfer Proof Cap sheets can achieve relatively high sealing performance. According to Zhang Liwen, there are currently tens of thousands of liquor production plants in my country, of which there are more than 30,000 liquor production factories. In recent years, the annual output of liquor has been around 6 million tons, of which about 50% are bottles. Use anti-theft cover.
According to relevant experts, my country's defense thief bottle caps will grow at an annual rate of 10%. By 2010, it is estimated that 15 billion anti-theft caps will be needed and about 60,000 tons of aluminum sheets will be consumed.
In terms of raw materials, the cost of Aluminum Pilfer Proof Cap sheets is lower than plastic (the cost of an aluminum cap is about one-half of that of a plastic bottle cap), and the structure of the anti-theft cap is very complicated. The current production line can Designed according to the needs of installing aluminum caps, replacing them with plastic caps is not only a cost issue of raw materials, but also a series of issues including production line transformation, bottle mouth and bottle cap redesign. Therefore, companies are reluctant to spend energy and financial resources on these transformations. The aluminum anti-theft bottle caps are made of high-quality Aluminum Pilfer Proof Cap sheets. They have superior performance, can be mechanized and mass-produced, without pollution, and can be 100% recycled, and can also meet special requirements such as high-temperature cooking and sterilization. In addition, the current aluminum caps are also trending to replace corks. Aluminum bottle caps that do not require special opening tools have been favored by many wine companies.

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