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ROPP Cap closure Printed aluminum sheet

Author: frank   Time:2019-08-26   Source:未知

ROPP Cap closure Printed aluminum sheet

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ROPP Cap closure Printed aluminum sheet are aluminum and aluminum alloy substrates that have been surface-coated and have good flatness, corrosion resistance and decorative properties. They are also widely used in food packaging. The specific performances are as follows:
ROPP Cap closure Printed aluminum sheet are mainly used to manufacture pressureless food cans, pressure food cans, filling caps, bottle caps, lids, pull rings, food boxes, various food packaging sealed bags, etc., processed from aluminum ingots into alloy aluminum substrates. After surface deep processing (painting or DOS oil pretreatment), the aluminum plate meets the requirements of food hygiene when it is processed into cans, pull rings, etc., and has high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. The aluminum substrate and food are completely isolated.
According to the current requirements for ROPP Cap closure Printed aluminum sheet
 on the market and their different uses, ROPP Cap closure Printed aluminum sheet
 can be divided into three categories: eight-treasure porridge, beer and beverage, and dry powder. Among them, the easy-to-cover cover enterprises used to make eight-treasure porridge and canned beer and beverages tend to have larger scale and higher productivity, and the demand for cover materials and pull-over materials is also relatively large.
The above is the application of ROPP Cap closure Printed aluminum sheet in food packaging, and it still has considerable advantages in similar products, which are purchased by major enterprises.

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