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Aluminium Lidding foil for food can sealing

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Aluminium Lidding foil for food can sealing

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Nowadays, food safety has become a concern of everyone. The safety of food is not only a problem of the required raw materials, but also the external packaging. The hygienic safety of the material of Aluminium Lidding foil for food can sealing is very important.
At present, the sealed aluminum cover of food cans in direct contact with food on the market is mainly made of aluminum foil paper, which mainly plays a role of moisture-proof and sealing. As a sealed aluminum cover of food cans, it is composed of an inner cover and an outer cover. The inner lid is an easy-to-tear lid structure. A pull ring is attached to the 50-60mm thick aluminum foil, and the outer edge of the aluminum foil is heat-sealed or adhered to the tin-plated steel cover ring. The ring is tightly fixed with the can body to make the inner cover and The cans are connected. When the sealed aluminum lid of the food can is opened, just use your fingers to pull up the tab and pull up, and Aluminium Lidding foil for food can sealing can be torn off all along the side of the can. The outer cover is used to protect the inner cover, and the tank can be closed again after the inner cover is opened.
During production, there are higher requirements for the food grade and product quality of the Aluminium Lidding foil for food can sealing.
Take 8011 Aluminium Lidding foil for food can sealing as an example, 8011 Aluminium Lidding foil for food can sealing meets food-grade requirements, and the layout is flat; the layout requirements are strict, without black oil spots, scratches, small black wires, bright lines, roll printing bumps, Mosquitoes and other phenomena; cutting edge quality, no burrs, tower shape, layer channeling energy, lotus leaf edge, flanging, bump lighting phenomenon; brushing water must meet the A-level standard; packaging moisture-proof, avoid oxidation. The thickness of the finished product at different points is controlled within ±4%.

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