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aluminum strip for lamp cap base

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aluminum strip for lamp cap base

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The lighting industry uses a lot of aluminum. The bulb mainly consists of a lamp cap and a glass shell. The conductor is mostly aluminum. The aluminum strip for lamp cap base is lighter and has good heat dissipation. So most of the current lamp caps are made of aluminum. For the lamp holder, the lamp holder needs to be stamped into a cup shape first, and then tapped into a spiral shape. Because the lamp holder is relatively thin and needs to have a certain resistance to pressure, the replacement aluminum alloy must have a certain strength.
Aluminum alloy lamp holders for lighting have been widely used since they replaced cast iron lamp holders in the 1990s. The aluminum strip for lamp cap base have the characteristics of light weight, durability and corrosion resistance. Commonly used alloys such as 3004 and 5052 are available in non-coated and coated lamp holders.
The lamp cap base is made of aluminum strip. First, it needs to be stamped and then tapped into a spiral shape. The aluminum strip for lamp cap base needs to be thin and able to withstand pressure. Therefore, the 3004,5052 aluminum strip for lamp cap base needs to have high mechanical strength and uniformity. The current hot rolling technology for aluminum alloy lamp holder materials of our company is required to control the composition of the material and the casting-rolling process. In the reverse and final termination process, the total Maintain high temperature uniformity, so that our lamp holder material has good performance. Deep drawing quality, sufficient strength and good formability.

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