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Aluminum sheet for bottle caps

Author: frank   Time:2020-10-15   Source:未知

Aluminum sheet for bottle caps

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Product Detail

Aluminum bottle caps include white wine bottle caps, red wine bottle caps and some other bottle caps. Red wine bottle caps have a large stretch length, so materials with better elongation must be selected. Usually, the Aluminum sheet for bottle caps is made of 8011 alloy and 5182/5052 alloy. , 3003 alloy and 3004/3104 alloy, there are also some 1050, 1060, which alloy aluminum plate to use according to the specific product.

Alloy specifications of Aluminum sheet for bottle caps
Product alloy: 1060, 3104, 3105, 8011, 8021, etc.
5182/5052 H19/H39/H48
Thickness (mm): 0.20-0.40
Width (mm): 700-1650
3004/3104 H19/H18
Thickness (mm): 0.26-0.30
Width (mm): 900-1650
8011 H14/H16/H24/H26/H18
Thickness (mm): 0.20-0.30
Width (mm): 50-1500

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