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Aluminum sheet for Easy Open Ends

Author: frank   Time:2020-06-15   Source:未知

Aluminum sheet for Easy Open Ends

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At present, with the continuous improvement of domestic consumption capacity and grades, in addition to the functional requirements, the appearance quality requirements of food packaging Aluminum sheet for Easy Open Ends are becoming more and more stringent. The production process of Aluminum sheet for Easy Open Ends is long and there are many process control points. How to achieve the consistency of product quality is the unremitting pursuit of major companies. Relying on world-class equipment, high-quality technical team, and stable primary aluminum supply within the group, Henan Signi Aluminium has achieved a double breakthrough in quality and output since R&D and production of Aluminum sheet for Easy Open Ends. It has now become a single product of Aluminum sheet for Easy Open Ends in the domestic market. The important supplier of the company has a supply ratio of more than 40% in a well-known domestic factory.

Henan Signi Aluminium's Aluminum sheet for Easy Open Ends products include glossy aluminum lid materials and coated lid materials. In order to ensure the continued stability of product quality, the company started from various aspects such as supplier audit and evaluation, quality control of raw and auxiliary materials, process technology optimization, strict standard operation, quality tracking of production process, and efficient operation of equipment in accordance with the requirements of ISO9001 and FSSC22000 management system. A network diagram of key process quality control points and a series of standardized processes and standardized documents from melt casting, hot rolling, cold rolling, finishing to packaging, transportation and other links, including raw and auxiliary materials and upstream process incoming quality inspection standards, products Process technology standards, job operation standards, equipment operation standards, product packaging and transportation standards, etc. At the same time, introduce advanced management tools such as lean management and Six Sigma, strengthen 5S management and equipment cleaning and cleaning management at the production site, strictly control the quality of raw and auxiliary materials, strictly implement process discipline, strictly follow standard operations, and comprehensively improve quality assurance capabilities. Developed a cover material thinning process, which can mass produce ultra-thin 0.208mm thick CDL cover-type cover materials for cover type, which improves the rate of cover removal, reduces customer costs, and is widely recognized by downstream customers. In the next step, the company will continue to strictly abide by the principle of "quality first", consolidate and enhance the domestic market advantage with first-class product quality advantages, further expand the international market, and build Henan Signi Aluminium’ Aluminum sheet for Easy Open Ends into an international first-class brand.

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