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Aluminum foil lid

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Aluminum foil lid

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Introduction of Aluminum foil lid
Aluminum foil lid, which is made of tinplate or aluminum, covered with a layer of aluminum foil film or other types of packaging materials. Compared with traditional metal covers, it is easy to open, safe, and does not hurt your hands. Materials, even if discarded, will not affect the natural environment, which is the future development trend of the packaging industry.

Aluminum foil lid
Features of Aluminum foil lid:
High temperature sterilization
Easy to open
Professional sealing material, good sealing performance
No sharp cuts, safe access
Can print and imprint text and patterns
Anti-counterfeiting, tracing, promotion and anti-channeling
Aluminum foil lid application
The Aluminum foil lid we produce are used in high-security packaging fields such as milk powder and snack foods. The Aluminum foil lid are also used in daily food packaging fields such as fish, braised meat, ham, vegetables, and fruits. From ordinary dry powder lids to lids for ultra-high temperature sterilization, from opaque to lids with visible transparency and printed with beautiful patterns, it meets the individual needs of different businesses.

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