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1235 Aluminum Cap Closure sheets

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1235 Aluminum Cap Closure sheets

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Introduction of 1235 Aluminum Cap Closure sheets
1235 Aluminum Cap Closure sheets belongs to the pure aluminum series, the aluminum content is not less than 99.35%, and has good anti-rust properties, formability and weldability, and can be used as cable foil, tape foil, battery foil, and bottle cap material. . Aluminum bottle caps have very strict requirements on the strength, flatness, elongation, dimensional deviation and other performance parameters of the material, and in order to facilitate later printing, the requirements for the material's oil removal rate are also very high.
Bottle caps are mainly used to seal bottles. They have different functions, different materials and different shapes. At present, the commonly used bottle cap materials in the beverage, wine, medicine and health care, cosmetics and other industries are commonly used in the market. There are also caps made of 1235 Aluminum Cap Closure sheets.
Introduction to the energy advantages of 1235 Aluminum Cap Closure sheets
1. The surface of the 1235 Aluminum Cap Closure sheets is uniform in color, clean and flat, with no obvious roll marks, pits, pinholes and corrosion marks;
2. No color difference, no rolling defects such as creases, mottles, bright lines, etc.;
3. The surface is degreasing clean, no serious oil smell, no visible oil spots;
4. Good anti-rust effect, excellent performance and easy to process.

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